Pena - CH FI*Vorax Apollo, in English

Name: CH FI*Vorax Apollo
Birthday and -place: 05.07.2014 in Helsinki, Finland
Mom: Viola aka IC Nebuankhet Ultraviolet
Daddy: Simba aka Jollinooran Belegrino
Cattery where he was born: Vorax Cattery
Pena's pedigree: Vorax Apollo.

Pena is a wild young boy, daddy for two wonderful kittens. Pena is no longer searching for a girlfriend. 

Pena's daddy, whom I have never met, is a handsome boy who never keeps too much voice of himself.
Pena's mom, Viola, is a beautiful lady who charmed me from the first moment I saw her, absolutely gorgeous cat who gave the best start for life to Pena and his two sisters.
Pena got his Champion -tittle in Salo at the 10th of October 2015

With love from Pena,

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